a little trip to historical Quebec City

June had us taking a little trip back home for me. My mom was getting married to a great guy and we traveled to Southern Ontario from here in New Brunswick to witness their union. I was born in Montreal, but had never been to Old Quebec City. It was a dream of mine to go there with my camera. It worked out that we had time to side-step into this amazing city for a few hours. We bought nothing, we ate nothing, but boy did I do some clickity clicking! That’s what I was there for.

old bicycle in Quebec City

I adore this old bicycle. What a class scene!

Le Lapin Saute ~ Quebec City

Le Lapin Sauté, where they serve rabbit dishes…see the bunny theme?!

little braided tree

Isn’t this cool, it’s a little braided tree.

my mother's bridal bouquet

Finally, my mother’s bridal bouquet, my talented sister’s work.


5 Responses to “a little trip to historical Quebec City”

  1. Jody Says:

    Beautiful photos! I would love to visit Quebec!

  2. chris Says:

    Very nice .

  3. Renee Says:

    Lovely photos, you have a great eye.

  4. Janey Says:

    And you can tell it is an old bicycle because … ?

    Answer: Because it has fenders!

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